The top benefits of going vegan. Try it out with our 28-day meal plan for a plant-based diet.


1. Better Mood: Fruits and vegetables are natural anti depressants, so vegans and vegetarians rank higher on happiness levels compared to meat eaters. This article provides more context on the research that has been done on this topic.

2. Disease Fighting: A plant-based diet is naturally low in fat and cholesterol so it helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases. However, it’s important that the diet is done right. Many vegans don’t educate themselves on the matter and end up replacing meat for carbs, which could cause vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B12 is most often obtained from animal food so higher rates of deficiency have been found amongst vegans compared to meat eaters. Even low levels of vitamin B12, but not enough to be classed as deficient, may be bad for your health and increase the heart risk.

3. Lean Figure: As a vegan, if you avoid the processed sugars and carbs that are bad for your body, you will end up eating fewer calories. Vegans tend to stay fairly active and get more fiber, so it results in sustainable weight loss over time.

4. Less Toxicity: Plant sources are safer than animal foods. Particularly when consuming organic fruits and vegetables. Food borne illnesses, antibiotics, bacteria, parasites and chemical toxins are more common in commercial meat, poultry and seafood when compared to plant-based foods.

5. Better Athletic Performances: Studies have shown that vegan athletes have a greater aerobic capacity than those on omnivore-based diets. Consume foods made up solely of vegetables, fruit, grains, and beans and you’ll see that your body will recover much quicker after exercising. Try green smoothies filled with hemp protein and chia seeds.

9. Supporting Animal Rights :)

Try going vegan with our 28-day detailed meal plan and recipes