We need to shift towards healthier behaviors and find the right motivation.


Journify is where we want everyone to begin their wellness journey. We’ve all heard that health costs are on the rise, but taking the right steps to adopt healthier behaviors isn’t easy. According to this Deloitte report about the wellness industry, obesity rates have more than doubled since 1980 and healthcare costs are outpacing population growth rates. At Journify, we want to empower everyone to take their wellness goals seriously and start achieving them one at a time.

The intention is there, but the motivation is the obstacle.

We interviewed many people who said they’ve thought about eating healthier in the past but haven’t made changes to their diet yet. According to this Mintel report, half of consumers who don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle all of the time cite motivation as their biggest obstacle to keeping up with exercise (50 percent) and healthy eating (48 percent) habits. That’s why having a coach or specialist to support us throughout the journey can be the push needed to achieve our goals. Wellness professionals help with structure, motivation and, most importantly, accountability.

The importance of finding the right specialist for you.

Nutrition and wellness are big industries with several specializations and fields of study. It’s important to find the right professional to help us with our own specific goals. Likewise, shifting behaviors is hard, so finding the right methodology that fits our personality and lifestyle is as important as the experience of the practitioner. With Journify, you can access information about the specialist’s personal story and background, years of experience, area of focus, as well as a detailed description of the format of the sessions and methodology used.