Talking with a Certified Life Coach can be truly inspirational.

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Chelsea Connors is a Therapist and Certified Life Coach. She has helped many clients achieve balance in their lives. If you’re curious about her new e-Book “Want to learn how to stop letting stress, anxiety, and perfectionism run your life?” you can download it here.

We had a super inspiring conversation with Chelsea about Life Coaching and she shared the following insights with us.

There is a lot of information online about how millennials are impacted with the highest rates of depression, stress and anxiety. In order to prevent that, when is the perfect timing to start working with a life coach? And what are some triggers we should all by mindful of?

In my opinion, it’s always a good time to be working with a coach or a therapist! Since we live in such a fast paced, go go go society, we have little time for self reflection and for being intentional about how we spend our days. Working with a coach allows you to really think about who you are and who you want to be and what direction you want to be heading in. I think some great signs or triggers that may mean it’s a good time to start working with a coach are when you’re feeling unfulfilled, when you’re stressed out on more days than not, when you’re beginning to feel disconnected from the people you love or when you feel like you’re stuck/spinning your wheels. Having someone to share your dreams and fears and stuck points with is SO valuable and can really help you bloom to live a life that actually FEELS good instead of just trudging from one day to the next mindlessly  — that’s where we see breakdowns and burn out happening real quickly. 

Some of our readers have expressed interest in the life coaching space as a personal development path, but know very little about the process. What could a new client of yours expect in terms of the journey? (Timing, types of sessions, homework, etc)

Life coaching is a great way to develop personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally — all the things! When I work with clients, I usually set up an initial intake session first to make sure we’re a good fit, learn more about what’s going on for them and then if we both agree, we decide on how to move forward. I typically work with my clients in 3 month timeframes (sometimes much longer) where we meet weekly via video chat for 50 min - 1 hour. We’ll create a running google doc that tracks what we discussed in session, what you’ve processed and what the client is working towards that week. In terms of “homework” that really varies from client to client! Some weeks it may be setting an intention or specific mindset reframe, journaling exercises, social actions (ie. smile and say hi to 2 new people/day). I have some clients who really don’t like the term homework so that’s totally okay — I really make it a point to meet my clients where they are and move at their pace. It’s all about what the client wants and needs!

We would love to hear the story about when/how you made the decision of becoming a life coach.

You know those people who have always known exactly what they want from life? They knew from the beginning what they wanted to be when they grew up, where they wanted to live, what hobbies they enjoy, etc? I couldn’t have been further from that. I always envied those people SO much! I had big dreams of “success” but never quite knew what path would get me there or what that would even look like for me.

I’ve always been pretty efficient at anything I tried (except for those math and science classes in high school, NOT COOL). But I tried LOTS of different things growing up. From the time I was 6 years old, my interests spanned all over the place — from horseback riding to gymnastics to cross country to drama club, I tried it all.. And I loved a lot of it! Not many hobbies or interests ever really stuck for very long because something different would spark my interest. I was constantly flowing through life, wanting to try new things. I rarely had trouble letting go of activities that were no longer serving me. Somehow, this trend made me feel like something was WRONG with me because my interests varied and changed so frequently.

This stood out for me even more once I got to college. I changed my major 4-5 times. I transferred schools. Then I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, got a job in a relevant field, and absolutely hated it. I felt tied to a desk with a lifelong sentence of misery. I couldn’t swallow it and I started freaking out.

There’s so much pressure to have your life figured out from such a young age. I wanted so badly to follow a “traditional” path — to feel successful, have a steady income, a long term relationship, a healthy lifestyle, a reliable plan for the future, the clear cut career path, etc. etc.

I found myself in therapy because I was terrified of adulthood and what life would look like post college. That transition was HARD and absolutely terrifying for me.

For me, these months in therapy were absolutely invaluable. I asked all those big picture questions. What’s next? What’s the point of life? What do I really need to be happy? Who am I? How do I want to show up in this world? What do I value? How will I keep/make friends now? Make my own money? AGH. All of a sudden my type A tendencies were my biggest downfall because there was no “right” next step. No clear plan to guaranteed success and that felt overwhelming and daunting.

Throughout the first few years post college, I learned so much about myself, who I want to be in this world and the life I want to lead. I found solace and peace in trying things and allowing myself to fail. I’d learned to go all in, sometimes fail, but then pick myself back up again. I trusted my gut and followed a path that felt really aligned with who I am as a person. Most importantly, I let myself take things one day at a time.

Through all of these big transitions, I’ve learned lots about myself and the world. I let go of old habits and rigid beliefs that were only bringing me down. I did a lot of exploring on the inside to change my days dramatically and I eventually found that helping people, empathy and my calm nature were my SUPERPOWERS. It felt like a really smooth transition into helping professionals. I went to graduate school first and got a Master’s Degree in Counseling and then continued on to get my certification as a life coach and start my own business. I haven’t looked back since and I’m so incredibly grateful to do this work! I absolutely love it.