International Women's Day reflections from our male co-founder


A friend of mine went to an event recently and watched an all-woman panel talk about their experiences in business and in life. The panel made great points, shared wonderful experiences, and connected well with the audience. But the audience was almost entirely women who later said it was a bit like “preaching to the choir.” Perhaps, my friend said, the people who really needed to watch the panel were exactly the people who were not there – men.

On this International Women’s Day I would like to take the chance to offer a few thoughts in praise of and in recognition of women, as just one male perspective among billions. Even if I did not go to that panel, women, you have my attention.

Women are the stewards of the global wellness movement. This is evidenced by the women who make up the large majority of health and wellness practitioners on Journify. While women have historically taken on the largely underappreciated roles of the nourisher and the nurturer, they are driving the wellness conversation to the forefront of discussions in pre-schools, in boardrooms, and everywhere in between.

Women’s wellness in the workplace still needs more attention. Despite women driving the discussion, workplaces have not kept up to speed, particularly when it comes to mothers’ wellness. Whether it be maternity leave, flexible work hours, or privacy rooms, there is significant room for improvement, and this is an issue we see globally.

Women are badass business people. For starters, many of the Journify practitioners are women who run their own practices and they do it darn well. In addition, I have the privilege to say that my mother, sister, and Journify co-founder all run their own businesses and they do pretty darn well themselves. I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by each one of them.

These are my thoughts on this International Women’s Day and I would encourage everyone to take a minute to gather a few thoughts of their own. And next time, I will be in attendance at the all-women panel!

- Trey, Journify co-founder

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