Journify is ready for a CTO / Co-Founder.

Journify’s vision: We’re on a quest to prove that it’s possible to prevent and eliminate burnout while thriving at work and living a fullfiling life.

Why do we exist? 7 in 10 millennials already suffer from burnout. In May of 2019, the World Health Organization declared burnout as a legitimate workplace diagnosis and estimated it’s currently costing companies over $550B in productivity losses. 95% of HR leaders believe burnout is negatively impacting the workplace culture and employee retention. We’re living a burnout crisis!

Why do we need a CTO? We’ve done so much in only a few months, but we’re ready to add more innovative features to our product. Our goal is to launch the first effective burnout prevention and maintenance app that will be subscription based in Q1 2020. We’ve worked with data scientists, healthtech specialists and behavioral scientists to develop our thesis, and we’ve validated many assumptions through agile consumer testing methods. We can share more about the product vision during our first conversation.


Who else is on the team?

Lamia Pardo - CEO. Former Head of Growth and VP of Marketing. Fintech retiree passionate about leveraging technology to democratize access to mental wellness.

Zak Williams - Formal Advisor and Mental Wellness Advocate. Mental health startup investor and advisor.

Robyn Long - Formal Sales Advisor. Head of Client Experience for LifeLabsLearning.

Extended network of advisors: Antler, TTA, Guild.


Who are we looking for?

  • You’ve worked for a tech company in a senior technical role or you’ve launched your own startup.

  • You have experience building and scaling web and native applications with superior UX/UI.

  • Experience with algorithmic work, machine learning and/or AI a plus.

  • You believe in the power of data, consumer insights, and world-class design.

  • You must have a true entrepreneurial spirit!

What do you get in return?

  • Co-Founder equity. This means a real opportunity to have significant ownership in a startup from the beginning.

  • A salary! But only once we complete the development of the new product and our round of funding (already in progress). Details about the round can also be shared during the first conversation.

  • The opportunity to fight burnout, build a product from the ground up, and impact every company decision moving forward. Exciting times!

Are you in?

Email me at and we can take it from there!