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You can link your Journify availability to your Gmail calendar or Outlook so every lead can book you instantly.

  1. Sign up for free

Start building your profile here, including a high quality profile photo, personal bio, specialties, personal goals you help with, and testimonials.

2. Publish a package or listing

After you sign up, you’ll need to create a package or listing. Each package will require details about what they include and the fee.

3. Complete your profile

You can set your preferred days and times for appointments, build intake forms, and even upload documents, notes, and other files.

4. Go live within 24 hours

We will contact you within 24 hours with your unique URL so you can see and share your profile. In the event that the information is incomplete or insufficient, we will let you know.

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Support and track your clients’ wellness journeys with our HIPAA-compliant platform.


You pay a referral fee every time we get you a new client.


Registration is free. We charge you a one-time 50% fee for each new client you get through us.

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You set an hourly or session rate when you create a listing. Then, when a client books you through Journify we collect the payment from them. We keep 50% as our fee and send the rest to your Paypal account. For any subsequent transaction, we charge a 5% admin fee.

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Get featured on our blog.

When your profile is live, email us at if you want to be featured on our blog. If you’re selected, we’ll publish an interview with you and promote your listing on our social accounts.

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