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We constantly market our platform to potential new clients that are looking for nutritionists, dietitians, health coaches and life coaches. Create your Journify profile so they can find you and book you.

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Sign up today.

Create a profile and a listing with Journify so you can get priority access to new clients.


We focus on getting you new clients so you can focus on coaching.

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Create a new listing

After you sign up, you’ll need to create a listing. Make sure you write a detailed description of yourself so new clients can learn about your background, motivations and areas of expertise.

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Select one or more specialties

You can create one listing and mark all of your specialties or create separate specific listings under your same profile. These will be used as filters for users to find you.

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Set your availability

You can set your preferred days and times for appointments, as well as the method (in-person or online). Users will use the available slots to request a session with you.


You pay a referral fee every time we get you a new client.


Registration is free. We charge you a one-time 50% fee for each new client you get through us.

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You set an hourly or session rate when you create a listing. Then, when a client books you through Journify we collect the payment from them. We keep 50% as our fee and send the rest to your Paypal account. For any subsequent transaction, we charge a 5% admin fee.

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Get featured in our blog.

When your profile is live, email us at if you want to get featured in our blog. If you’re selected, we’ll publish an interview with you and promote your listing on our social accounts.


If you have any questions, email us at or book an appointment with our coach support manager here.

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