Find your ideal weight management coach.


Personalized nutrition counseling & meal planning with dietitian

Practitioner: Katie B. - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, MS in Human Nutrition from Columbia University Medical Center

Katie is a Registered Dietitian specializing in weight loss, weight maintenance, and weight gain, disease prevention, and behavior and lifestyle change. She also provides meal prep and menu planning services.

Hourly Sessions: $95


Low Carb and Ketogenic Diet Expert - Registered Dietitian

Practitioner: Robert S. - MS Clinical Nutrition, Registered Dietitian

Robert is a registered dietitian and author. He specializes in low-carbohydrate and keotgenic diets and really likes broccoli.

Hourly Sessions: $80


Become a mindful eater and say goodbye to dieting

Practitioner: Amber I. - MS, RD, Fellow

Amber is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 15 years experience working with individuals desiring to develop a healthier relationship with food. She is an expert in motivational interviewing, nutrition therapy, weight management and mindful eating.

Hourly Sessions: $125


Weight loss that meets your needs

Practitioner: Olga A. - MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health; MS in Psychology

Olga is a Licensed Nutritionist in DC who works at an integrative medical practice. She believes that the body has an amazing ability to self-heal if we give it the right conditions. And good food is one of those conditions!

Hourly Sessions: $120