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Health Coach - Lifestyle Transformation

Practitioner: Erika S. - Health Coach

Erika is a Certified Health Coach and Author of the Wandering Palate. She became a Health Coach after being impacted with Lyme disease. Also, she was recently featured in the Netflix show “Afflicted”.

Hourly Sessions: $120

6-month Package: $1,320


Health and Wellness Personal Coaching

Practitioner: Chelsea C. - Health and Wellness Coach

Chelsea’s personalized one-on-one health coaching program will radically improve your health and happiness. She will help you explore concerns specific to you and your body and will discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

Hourly Sessions: $90

Nikki L.png

Health coach, personal trainer, and wellness warrior!

Practitioner: Nikki L. - Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer

Nikki is a certified health coach, personal trainer, mom of 3, and (yes!) former junk-food junkie turned wellness warrior. For years, she’s been partnering with women, teens and men to get the results they deserve.

Hourly Sessions: $99


Health Coach for College Students

Practitioner: Ellie B. - Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Ellie provides an individualized and holistic approach to living healthfully in college. She helps you achieve your goals through an integrative and holistic model of coaching.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Fitness and health coach with Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Practitioner: Erin O. - Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Erin is a doctor of physical therapy with a passion for health and fitness. She strives to help you transform not only physically, but mentally as well.

Hourly Sessions: $50

3 Sessions + Personalized Meal Plan: $225


Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (Feel Amazing!)

Practitioner: Meg C. - IIN Certified Integrative Health Counselor

Meg is a IIN Certified Integrative Nutritionist & Health Coach (INHC, MS) in private practice, and certified yoga & meditation instructor. She follows a holistic approach to help you achieve a better lifestyle.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Chicago-based fitness and health coach

Practitioner: Lisa W. - ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Lisa is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She specializes in fitness, nutritional counseling, weight loss, and behavior change.

Hourly Sessions: $70


Nutritionist specializing in IBS-C/D, Celiac Disease, and Weight Loss

Practitioner: Becky D. - IIN Certified Nutritionist

Becky is a Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach specializing in IBS-C/D, Celiac Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Weight Loss, and Mental Health.

Hourly Sessions: $120


Weight loss that meets your needs

Practitioner: Olga A. - MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health; MS in Psychology

Olga is a Licensed Nutritionist in DC who works at an integrative medical practice. She believes that the body has an amazing ability to self-heal if we give it the right conditions. And good food is one of those conditions!

Hourly Sessions: $120


Nutritional protocol and coaching

Practitioner: Amanda B. - Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Amanda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in creating nutritional protocols with food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to help support your main health concerns!

Full Package: $350


Career and leadership coaching from a seasoned professional

Practitioner: Sara A. - Columbia Business School Executive Education

Sara is a career coach who personally works with clients seeking a career change, whether it's a new industry, a new job, starting a new venture, or creating a greater work-life balance. She comes to career coaching from the civil rights/NGO sector, where she worked with diverse communities and relationship-building to bring people together.

Weekly Sessions: $99


Your life coach for weight loss and resilience transformation

Practitioner: Sarah S. - Certified health and wellness coach and certified personal trainer

Sarah is a former weight loss and fitness editor with Prevention magazine with more than 250 health related articles published and a former fitness trainer.

Hourly Sessions: $135


Cancer, Autoimmune & Detox Coach

Practitioner: Leni P. - Certified Health Coach

Leni is excited to help you unleash your BEST self! In 2007, she was diagnosed with cancer and now, with all that she has learned, she wants to share and pay it forward!

Hourly Sessions: $55


360 life coaching with an emphasis on mind/body/spirit

Practitioner: Tatiana K. - National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Tatiana has over ten years of experience that have taught her that the only healthy habits program that works is the one that works for the individual and on several levels.

Hourly Sessions: $100

8 weeks “Jumpstart” package: $800


Love yourself, share your story

Practitioner: Brian F. - I.C.F. Certified Professional Life Coach

Brian helps his clients gain the ability to cope better and to choose contentment in place of suffering. Suffering turns out to be optional once we’re on what he likes to call “the other side.”

Hourly Sessions: $125


Holistic nutrition coaching for women

Practitioner: Chelsea F. - MS in Nutrition, Certified Nutritionist

Chelsea is a Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in freeing busy ladies from food stress — the feeling that you have no willpower or that you have to restrict your calorie intake.

Hourly Sessions: $75

3 Month Package: $430


Life coach to help you design your life

Practitioner: Cindy C. - Certified Life Coach

Cindy has been coaching people in many areas of their lives for 10 years. She works with you to create a strategy to get you inspired and motivated to move quickly toward obtaining your goals.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Transformational life and leadership coach for leaders

Practitioner: Emily F. - Certified Professional Coach, PCC, ELI-MP

Emily is a transformational life and leadership coach for leaders who are out to make a massive positive impact. She works together with you to ensure that you're living the fullest expression of yourself in all realms of your life.

Hourly Sessions: $250


Career coaching from a professor

Practitioner: Matthew L. - B.S. Human Resources; M.S. International Relations: International Student Mobility

Matt teaches a career management course at Northeastern’s Seattle and Silicon Valley campuses, as well as holds various career workshops, career fairs, and created university partnerships with a variety of tech companies to produce internship and full time opportunities for international students.

Monthly Package: $150

Amanda M.jpg

Discover your career path

Practitioner: Amanda M. - Certified Holistic Life, Career, & Executive Coach, International School of Coaching Mastery™

Amanda is a career change coach, consultant, educator, and sociologist. She helps humans maximize, transition careers, and embrace the windy path so they feel confident and aligned to their work.

Full Package: $2900

Health coaching for sustainable lifestyle changes

Practitioner: Kirsten W. - Certified Health Coach

Kirsten has created a program (based on your personal needs) that teaches you how to make sustainable lifestyle changes and new habits with a holistic approach.

Hourly Sessions: $75

3 Month Package: $500


Life coaching for women in mid-life

Practitioner: Linda K. - Certified Life and Health Coach, MS in Experimental Psychology

As a life and health coach, Linda helps people see that they are exactly where their life has led them, but by challenging their beliefs and changing their patterns, they can get anywhere they want to go.

Hourly Sessions: $150


Nutrition for Ultimate Fitness and Athletic Performance

Practitioner: Lindsay A. - Certified Holistic Health Coach, MS in Human Nutrition

Lindsay is an Ironman triathlete who balances a career in the supplement industry, a full training schedule, and a nutrition coaching business, she knows the difficulties of prioritizing nutrition.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Low Carb and Ketogenic Diet Expert - Registered Dietitian

Practitioner: Robert S. - MS Clinical Nutrition, Registered Dietitian

Robert is a registered dietitian and author. He specializes in low-carbohydrate and keotgenic diets and really likes broccoli.

Hourly Sessions: $80


Reclaim yourself. Reclaim your power.

Practitioner: Angga K. - EMCC Practitioner in Executive Coaching. AQA Assessor level 2

Angga is an executive coach, TEDx Speaker & social entrepreneur. His work focus is on burnout prevention for high performers. He has worked with known brands such as Redbull, MTV, Apple to the police to city councils & universities. His clients list ranges from C-suite executives, consultants, senior management to celebrities.

6 Month Package: $600


Plant-based coach specializing in weight loss and gut health

Practitioner: Danielle K. - IIN Certified Health Coach

Danielle is a holistic health coach specializing in helping women achieve optimal wellness through a plant-based vegan diet.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Nutritionist for specialized diets for complex conditions

Practitioner: David O. - MS in Human Nutrition and CNS Certified Nutrition Specialist

David has been a nutrition professional for more than 25 years -- working, studying, and attending seminars and he understands that one-sized diets do not fit all.

Hourly Sessions: $125


Clean living through clean eating

Practitioner: Karen R. - Certified Nutrition Consultant. B.A. in Anthropology, University of Colorado.

Karen is a nutritionist passionate about real food and its power to heal. She believe that our health is the most precious gift and we only need to uncover it.

Hourly Sessions: $150


Personalized nutrition counseling & meal planning with dietitian

Practitioner: Katie B. - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, MS in Human Nutrition from Columbia University Medical Center

Katie is a Registered Dietitian specializing in weight loss, weight maintenance, and weight gain, disease prevention, and behavior and lifestyle change. She also provides meal prep and menu planning services.

Hourly Sessions: $95


Transition to a state of thriving

Practitioner: Sarah R. - Whole Person Certified Coach

Sarah helps women who feel as if they are merely surviving, transition to a state of thriving in their work, personal life, or relationship. She started working with a Coach herself when she started feeling restless and unsatisfied in her work. The experience left her inspired to become a certified coach and work with other.

Hourly Sessions: $125


Achieve your best self

Practitioner: Nagy E. - Masters in Applied Psychology

Nagy is a life coach with a masters degree in applied psychology. He is currently a member and approved coach of the ICF "International Coaching Federation.” He is passionate about people and enjoys working with them to achieve their best selves.

3 Session Package: $120


See yourself and your life as beautiful

Practitioner: Leslie S. - ICF Certified Transformational Leadership Coach, Master Health Science

Leslie is a Growing Diverse Leadership Coach, a Mediator, a Mentor, and an international facilitator of cross-cultural communications. She uses a relational approach in her personal and professional work to support a shared recognition of wants, needs and values.

Hourly Sessions: $100

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 2.16.19 PM.png

Registered dietitian for general nutrition and chronic conditions

Practitioner: Liana F. - MS in Clinical Dietetics, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Liana is a dietitian who wants to help YOU make long-lasting dietary changes that benefit your overall wellness, no matter where you are in your health journey.

Hourly Sessions: $70


Health coaching from a nutrition expert

Practitioner: Monica A. - Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Monica specializes in functional nutrition, chronic disease prevention, and health promotion. She employs the latest functional testing, and the evolving scientific medical developments to identify malfunctions and underlying conditions at the root of most common health complaints.

Hourly Sessions: $85


Life coach with a focus on supporting women

Practitioner: Sherene C. - Certified Health and Wellness Coach, MA in Health and Wellness Coaching

Sherene supports women in wielding their magic as leaders in their lives, families, communities, and businesses, lending them her practice, experience, and education.

Initial Consultation: $20

Hourly Sessions: $135


Let’s make a plan to help you feel better

Practitioner: Stephanie B. - PhD, RDN, CDN

Stephanie Bostic works with clients to help them feel better by focusing on their lives - personalizing their experiences because she knows everyone is different. She helps people with complex concerns after a series of consultations for rare conditions.

Hourly Sessions: $129


Pediatric dietitian treating children with nutrition therapy

Practitioner: Theresa D. - Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition, Registered Dietitian

Theresa is a neonatal and pediatric dietitian who works with former preterm infants, infants with failure to thrive, children with autism, children with food allergies, overweight children and picky eaters.

Hourly Sessions: $150


Health and lifestyle coach focused on gut health

Practitioner: Elizabeth D. - Masters of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance

Elizabeth is passionate to live and work by example in both physical and mental well-being - while encouraging and educating others on how to be the best version of themselves.

Hourly Sessions: $45

Comprehensive Package: $250


Nutritionist for gut health, weight loss and hormone balance

Practitioner: Trina P. - Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, MS in Nutrition

Trina is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and clinical herbalist with a passion for health transformation. She specializes in gut health, hormone balancing and integrative approaches to weight loss.

Hourly Sessions: $90


Become a mindful eater and say goodbye to dieting

Practitioner: Amber I. - MS, RD, Fellow

Amber is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 15 years experience working with individuals desiring to develop a healthier relationship with food. She is an expert in motivational interviewing, nutrition therapy, weight management and mindful eating.

Hourly Sessions: $125


Nutrition/Herbal Therapy for IBS, Autoimmunity, & Chronic Disease

Practitioner: Joshua N. - CNS, CPT, MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health

Joshua specializes in providing therapy to resolve and support remission from various gastrointestinal conditions, autoimmune diagnoses, and complex chronic diseases.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Scientific and natural nutrition planning that meets your needs

Practitioner: Leslie W. - MS in Functional Nutrition, Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

Leslie believes her role as a functional nutritionist and herbalist is to support the natural healing process of the body, while working on the root cause of the imbalance. She analyzes clinical labs, recommends supplements for nutrient deficiencies, and uses herbal medicine to support all areas of the body.

Hourly Sessions: $120


Coach for lasting behavior change

Practitioner: Mike M. - Bachelor of Applied Science, Psychology

For over 15 years Mike has worked with organizations and individuals, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

5 Session Package: $500


Embodied Life Coaching: reclaiming joy and the life you want

Practitioner: Rosemary O. - MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology

Rosemary is passionate about the healing and integrative capacity of the embodied coaching relationship provides. Her background includes over a decade of meditation and mindfulness-based practices including dance, movement and sound.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Nutrition counseling for disease and weight management

Practitioner: Nadine M. - PhD in Nutrition, RDN, LD

Nadine has a PhD in Nutrition and has been a Registered Dietitian for over 10 years. She has worked in hospitals, clinics, community organizations and taught in universities.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Anti-diet dietary planning

Practitioner: Haley S. - Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist

Haley is a registered dietitian who loves working with people who are tired of yo-yo dieting or "starting over" and are ready to start incorporating some sustainable lifestyle habits into their routines.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Registered dietitian for reversing medical conditions

Practitioner: Heather B. - Registered Dietitian

Heather works with clients interested in using food as a way to reverse disease, not just mange it. This includes weight loss, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal health, and autoimmune disorders (including arthritis and lupus).

6 Month Package: $1,069


Positive mindset coaching for women

Practitioner: Sarah H. - Certified Health & Wellness Coach, MA in Psychology, Master of Public Health

Sarah is a Certified Positive Mindset Coach who helps women to overcome issues with mood, depression/anxiety, and the negative cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we all find ourselves trapped in from time to time.

Hourly Sessions: $125

12 Week Package: $1,650


Nutrition coach focused on practical tools for healthy eating

Practitioner: Brooke S. - Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Brooke is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and founder of The Health Investment. She can’t wait to work with you one-on-one to teach you practical tools for healthy eating, weight loss, and increased energy that’ll last a LIFETIME!!

7 Session Package: $899


Physical training from a sports therapist

Practitioner: Zach W. - Doctorate in Physical Therapy; Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Zach is a physical therapy graduate with a passion for health and fitness. He strives to help you transform physically and get into the best shape of your life. Through continued education, research, and the utilization of other resources he has been able to find workout and meal plans which achieve the best results.

Hourly Sessions: $75


Overcome burnout and be productive

Practitioner: Danny G. - Advanced Diploma in Coaching (NYU), Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

Danny is an ICF-certified coach, positive psychology practitioner, and resilience trainer. He can help you thrive in the challenging creative world, whether you're a freelancer or full time employee.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Achieve your goals with an experienced leader

Practitioner: John N. - Marshall Goldsmith Executive and Team Coach, GLA and Hogan Assessment

John has more than 30 years in international experience building including 24 years at Microsoft. He has experience leading individuals, teams, and organizations to new levels.

Hourly Sessions: $400


Live masterfully and purposefully

Practitioner: John P. - Masters in Nonprofit Management and Masters in Special Education

John is an attunement teacher and practitioner who loves blending attunement, coaching and photography to assist others in living masterfully and purposefully.

Monthly Package: $250


Improve Your Lifestyle (Whole Health For Life)

Practitioner: Kateri P. - MS Nutrition and Integrative Health

Kateri helps individuals find their path into wellness. MS Nutrition and Integrative Health, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Dr. Sears Wellness Center Health Coach, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.

3 Month Package: $349


What do you really believe? Discover and express your worldview

Practitioner: Stuart N. - Masters in Religious Studies

Stuart believes the dynamic currents of life can leave one feeling distant from their true selves and he will work with you in order to "reveal yourself to yourself" by engaging in experiential activities and dialogue.

Hourly Sessions: $75


Holistic life coaching and counseling

Practitioner: Aleksandra M. - Licensed Psychologist; Certified Health Coach

Aleksandra works with clients who are looking for actualizing their potential, empowering their personal development, raising their self-awareness, or improving their efficiency and productivity at work.

Hourly Sessions: $58

Angela C.png

Life Coaching - The Bronze Wellness Package

Practitioner: Angela C. - Certified Life Coach

Angela will determine your current health habits, establish new health goals and develop a plan that will meet your wellness needs for a better you.

45 Day Package: $500


Transformative hypnotherapy for prosperity and wealth

Practitioner: Ashley S. - Hypnotherapist and Professional Coach

Ashley is a certified professional coach, rapid transformational coach and hypnotherapist working on her PhD in psychology with a specialization in consciousness, spirituality and human potential for success.

2 Hour Session: $300

30 Day Package: $1,800


Life coach for changing energy and changing your life

Practitioner: Ester Z. - Certified Life Coach

Ester specializes as a vibrational energy and relationship coach and utilizes positive psychological tools that help clients overcoming communication problems, dealing with self destructive behavior and allow for health emotional healing to take place.

4 Session Package: $400


Career coaching to help you find your dream job

Practitioner: Lea B. - Certified Professional Coach (CPC), International Coach Federation (ICF)

Lea is a certified Life & Career coach for mission-driven Millennials ready to launch their dream career. She brings a decade of diplomacy, government relations and strategy consulting to her coaching practice.

4 Session Package: $497


Behavioral therapy for those in need

Practitioner: Jessica R. - MS Human Services; Certified Health Wellness and Life Coach

Jessica has worked in the mental health field for 15 years. While there, she decided to be pro-active instead of reactive. She obtained a masters degree in human services, now utilizing her unique work experience and education to create a perfect plan tailored to you.

Hourly Sessions: $120

Monthly Package: $250


Counselor help - anxiety, stress, relationships.

Practitioner: Ivana S. - Systemic and Family Psychotherapy

Ivana is a counsellor and life coach. Her approach in counseling is systemic and she works with families, couples and individuals.

Hourly Sessions: $80


Mental Health Support (Build Resilience and Reduce Anxiety)

Practitioner: Michelle A. - ACC, CPCC

Michelle specializes in helping family members of people with mental illness and addiction to find balance and build resilience. She also supports clients living with depression and anxiety.

Full Package: $1,200

Kate C.jpg

Find Your Soulmate and Live More Happily

Practitioner: Kate C. - Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach; Certified Completion Process Practitioner; Certified Assertive Coach

Kate became a Love Coach three years ago, and since then she has helped countless women find their true love and live more happily. She believes true love belongs to everyone and that she can help you manifest the one in a fun and magical way.

9 Session Package: $1,997


Empathetic counseling for those in need

Practitioner: Uros R. - Psychologist / Psychotherapist / Coach

Uros is a graduated psychologist and certified psychotherapist, and can help in individual / couples counseling and coaching, providing support to clients in life crises, and to victims of domestic violence and parenting.

Hourly Sessions: $59

5 Session Package: $270