Soul Successful Woman

Practitioner: Grace S. - CPCC, ACC

Grace is passionate about helping others move from being stuck to living powerfully in their personal or professional lives. Prioritize your personal and spiritual fulfillment so that you can start living in alignment with their true life purpose, which brings more joy, peace and freedom. It's time to become Soul Successful.

2-Session Intro Package: $200

7-Session Package: $2,000




  • Life coaching

  • Spiritual coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Women coaching

  • Transformational coaching

Coach Type: Life Coach

Goals I help you with: Personal Fulfillment, Accountability, Mindset and Life Purpose

Method: Online (video call) or in-person (Silicon Valley)

Availability: Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri

Methodology: Coactive Coaching Model

Personal Bio:

I'm passionate about helping others to move from being stuck to living powerfully in their personal or professional lives.

I have developed a proven coaching system that has helped hundreds of people already. I have worked with all kinds of people, coached individuals from over 22 countries, and many have experienced massive breakthroughs, moving past fear and limitations to live life on their own terms. 

My work has taken her to over 40 countries in 6 continents of the world. With a background in the media as a TV presenter and trainer, corporate events and international travel, she brings a wealth of knowledge, diversity and connectedness to my clients.

I enjoy helping clients align their soul with their goals.

Certifications/Degrees: CPCC, ACC

Years of experience: 9+

Grace is a thought provoking coach compelling one to discover realities so layered by busyness and ambitions, truths robbing one of true fulfillment. A question that turned my world upside down was focused on “what fills your life vs. what fulfills your life?”. The gap was vast and felt unbridgeable. The journey of bridging the gap is where Grace’s genius kicks in. This gentle process led to self-discovery, which in turn led me to selling a successful business in order to pursue my higher purpose. Grace is a master at unearthing stumbling blocks and to then, together, pave the way for future soul success.
— Lizanne