Book an appointment with a coach instantly.

We help you get started with your well-being journey by matching you with a few of our featured coaches. You can review their profiles, book your first session instantly, and access our goal-setting, journaling and tracking features.

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1. Get a list of featured coaches who meet your needs

Use any of our coach finding tools to see a list of featured coaches who meet your needs:

• Chatbot

• Choose by personal goal

• Filter by specialty


2. Review as many coach profiles as you want and select one

The detailed profiles include information about the coaches’ personal bio, certifications, specialties, testimonials, logistics, and years of experience.

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3. Select a date and time for your first session

The calendar syncs with our coaches’ availability so you can book and pay for your first appointment instantly.

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4. Communicate with your coach

At the time of your appointment, log into the platform and start a a session with your coach via video, phone or in person (depending on your choice when you booked the session). You can also send messages, photos and files to your coach via the chat function (available 24/7).

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5. Build your personal dashboard and track your progress

Once you book your first session you’ll get access to all the features on our HIPAA compliant platform (journaling, goals, alerts, charting, personal metrics, etc).


Money-back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied after your first session please let us know at and we’ll issue you a refund.

Are you ready?

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