95% of companies say that burnout is sabotaging employee retention. Can you relate? We can help.

We match your employees with a certified personal coach to help them change bad lifestyle habits that impact burnout, stress and fatigue. Working millennials tend to sleep less, snack throughout the day and stress over work-life balance. That negative cycle is contagious and often impacts company morale and retention. Revert that trend by signing up for the Journify program!


86% of companies find 1:1 personal coaching more effective than other “one-size-fits-all” programs.

A recent Deloitte study shows that 70% of workers believe their employers aren't doing enough to prevent or address burnout, even when those same employers are investing in wellness programs.

The truth is that it’s hard to change bad habits on our own, so popular subscriptions or tracking apps are not enough to address fatigue, stress, or burnout. In contrast, working with a coach is personal, action-driven, and provides accountability. And working millennials love it! 60% believe their employers should sponsor wellness coaching.


We have a simple 3-step process.

We assess the current well-being of your employees and match them with their ideal certified personal coach. Within 5 to 8 online sessions, you and your employees can already see real change and significant burnout reduction.

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Who should we start with?

Pilot this program with a group of employees who you believe are suffering from stress or work-life imbalance. Here are some ideas: new managers tasked with new responsibilities, sales teams with aggressive growth targets, or busy working moms who are juggling many responsibilities.

No retainer. No fee. No integration.

We know that long tech integrations are a hassle so we’ve made it very simple to get started. Once you sign up, your employees will only need to log in with their work email. Also, we don’t charge you a program or admin fee so every dollar you commit goes directly to your employees’ sessions.


We can adapt to your budget and needs.

We have different pricing options depending on your current company size and wellness budget. Contact us so we can send you a proposal within 24 hours.