86% of companies find 1:1 coaching more effective than other “one-size-fits-all” programs.

Most employee wellness programs are focused on negatives, aren’t personal (many are even making people talk to AI chat bots!) and not engaging. If you want to see real change, offer your employees a real-life personalized wellness coach to help them achieve their personal goals.

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Sponsor coaching sessions.

We help your employees find their ideal certified coach (health coach, life coach, family nutritionist, dietitian, and others). In 5 to 8 online sessions, personal coaches come up with an action plan tailored to each client so they can live their best lives (personally and at work).

You can visit our sample coach matching questionnaire here or visit the full list of available coaches.

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Avoid high burn out rates.

96% that worked with a personal coach state their experience was rewarding and effective. Those happier employees will not only be more engaged but will also have a positive impact on overall company culture. Happiness is contagious!

Increase overall productivity.

76% of employees' productivity is currently impacted by unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. In a busy workplace environment, people tend to sleep less, snack throughout the day and adopt unhealthier habits. A coach can help revert this trend!

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We can adapt to your budget and needs.

Our partnership options include free internal marketing, co-pay and flexi-benefits credits. We can also work on a custom package with you.

How to get started?

Leave us your information here and you will be assigned a point of contact at Journify who will help you finalize your package and get you set up on the platform. The good news is you don’t need any engineering resources to go live with Journify.