Nutrition for Ultimate Fitness and Athletic Performance

Practitioner: Lindsay A. - Certified Holistic Health Coach, MS in Human Nutrition

Lindsay is an Ironman triathlete who balances a career in the supplement industry, a full training schedule, and a nutrition coaching business, she knows the difficulties of prioritizing nutrition.

Hourly Sessions: $100




  • Weight loss

  • Meal planning

  • Health coaching

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Menu planning

  • Personal development

  • Personal image

  • Anxiety/stress

  • Fitness coaching

  • Spiritual coaching

  • Sports nutrition

Personal Bio: As an Ironman triathlete who balances a career in the supplement industry, a full training schedule, and a nutrition coaching business, I know the difficulties of prioritizing nutrition. Nevertheless, I am passionate about anyone pursuing fitness and leaving potential on the table by neglecting this critical aspect of life. Informed by my own health story, a Masters degree in Nutrition, 15 years of nutrition industry experience, and 8 years of certified holistic health coaching, I help fitness seekers succeed in nutrition. Fat loss, gut health, hormone balance, and workout fueling are all topics of interest. Instagram: aragon.lindsay Podcast: The Herbal Equivalent (YouTube, Stitcher, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play)

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Goals I help you with:

Whether you’re training for your first 5k, obsessed with CrossFit, getting ready for a Spartan race, or looking to PR your triathlon time, nutrition can absolutely make or break your goals. Searching for a succinct plan on your own can lead to never ending rabbit holes of conflicted opinions. Our struggles in fitness often include achieving ideal racing weight, avoiding the dreaded “bonk,” controlling inflammation, and managing gut troubles, to name a few. Investing in an expert and coach can pay dividends in your fit life which you already work so hard for. Schedule an appointment and finally dial it all in with nutrition—you’ll find it allows you to crush it in EVERY performance arena of your life.

Years of experience: 4-8

Method: Online (video call)

Methodology: I blend well-supported scientific approaches with newer research as well, while staying rooted in real, whole foods as the priority in any diet. My flexible approach allows clients to have the freedom to try new strategies based upon their tastes, habits, and lifestyle desires. Success for me is finding that sweet spot where clients are confidently pursuing whatever performance endeavors they choose in life, unencumbered by nutrition pitfalls, and translating that into high performance throughout every area of life.

Coach Type: Health Coach

Certifications/Degrees: Certified Holistic Health Coach, Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition