Life without stress coaching package

Practitioner: Matej M. - Transformational Life Coach

Stress is becoming a norm rather than an exception because of our misunderstanding about its true source. We assume that outside situations, circumstances or other people cause us stress. Actually, our hidden interpretations color our experience and cause stress. Matej help you see this bigger picture.

10-Session Package: $900




  • Life coaching

  • Personal development

  • Anxiety/stress

  • Transformational coaching

Coach Type: Life Coach

Goals I help you with: Improving results and relationships by taking away the stress

Method: Online (video call)

Availability: Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri

Methodology: Understanding how our mind works and the true source of stress

Certifications/Degrees: Transformational Life Coach

Personal Bio:

I am a transformational life coach and help people get in touch with their true nature and wisdom to have a more peaceful, compassionate and successful life. I have a phd and a short career in mechanical engineering, but a tough period in my life coupled with a very active and analytical, overthinking mind lead me to an unexpected epiphany in 2012, which totally changed my life and opened up a totally different field of interest for me. I found myself in a clear and calm mind without stress and worry regardless of all the difficulties, which allowed me to have a very different and pleasant experience of life and able to solve the challenges in a more efficient way. My personal development experience is mostly practical, but i do have some coaching certifications. I practiced Vipassana meditation and participated in Holotropic breath work sessions for many years as well as many other methodologies for personal development and spiritual topics, such as The three principles and Non-duality. I am a full-time coach for 3 years, working with people from many different fields; engineers, leaders, artists, accountants, athletes etc. that are interested in expanding their perspective of life.

I had a conversation with Matej one morning by phone about a long-lasting project I’ve been laboring at for months without much to show. He challenged my approach - and through this offered a different perspective on my situation that allowed me to jump up all energized from my couch having found a different way forward. If Olympic champions all have coaches, so should you. And Matej is a true master at unleashing your potential.
— Client