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Transition to a state of thriving

Practitioner: Sarah R. - Whole Person Certified Coach

Sarah helps women who feel as if they are merely surviving, transition to a state of thriving in their work, personal life, or relationship. She started working with a Coach herself when she started feeling restless and unsatisfied in her work. The experience left her inspired to become a certified coach and work with other.

Hourly Sessions: $125


Love yourself, share your story

Practitioner: Brian F. - I.C.F. Certified Professional Life Coach

Brian helps his clients gain the ability to cope better and to choose contentment in place of suffering. Suffering turns out to be optional once we’re on what he likes to call “the other side.”

Hourly Sessions: $125


See yourself and your life as beautiful

Practitioner: Leslie S. - ICF Certified Transformational Leadership Coach, Master Health Science

Leslie is a Growing Diverse Leadership Coach, a Mediator, a Mentor, and an international facilitator of cross-cultural communications. She uses a relational approach in her personal and professional work to support a shared recognition of wants, needs and values.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Life coach to help you design your life

Practitioner: Cindy C. - Certified Life Coach

Cindy has been coaching people in many areas of their lives for 10 years. She works with you to create a strategy to get you inspired and motivated to move quickly toward obtaining your goals.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Find Your Soulmate and Live More Happily

Practitioner: Kate C. - Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach; Certified Completion Process Practitioner; Certified Assertive Coach

Kate became a Love Coach three years ago, and since then she has helped countless women find their true love and live more happily. She believes true love belongs to everyone and that she can help you manifest the one in a fun and magical way.

9 Session Package: $1,997


Reclaim yourself. Reclaim your power.

Practitioner: Angga K. - EMCC Practitioner in Executive Coaching. AQA Assessor level 2

Angga is an executive coach, TEDx Speaker & social entrepreneur. His work focus is on burnout prevention for high performers. He has worked with known brands such as Redbull, MTV, Apple to the police to city councils & universities. His clients list ranges from C-suite executives, consultants, senior management to celebrities.

6 Month Package: $600


Overcome burnout and be productive

Practitioner: Danny G. - Advanced Diploma in Coaching (NYU), Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

Danny is an ICF-certified coach, positive psychology practitioner, and resilience trainer. He can help you thrive in the challenging creative world, whether you're a freelancer or full time employee.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Mental Health Support (Build Resilience and Reduce Anxiety)

Practitioner: Michelle A. - Psychologist, ACC, CPCC

Michelle specializes in helping family members of people with mental illness and addiction to find balance and build resilience. She also supports clients living with depression and anxiety.

Full Package: $1,200


Transformative hypnotherapy for prosperity and wealth

Practitioner: Ashley S. - Hypnotherapist and Professional Coach

Ashley is a certified professional coach, rapid transformational coach and hypnotherapist working on her PhD in psychology with a specialization in consciousness, spirituality and human potential for success.

2 Hour Session: $300

30 Day Package: $1,800