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Health and lifestyle coach focused on gut health

Practitioner: Elizabeth D. - Masters of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance

Elizabeth is passionate to live and work by example in both physical and mental well-being - while encouraging and educating others on how to be the best version of themselves.

Hourly Sessions: $45

Comprehensive Package: $250


Fitness and health coach with Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Practitioner: Erin O. - Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Erin is a doctor of physical therapy with a passion for health and fitness. She strives to help you transform not only physically, but mentally as well.

Hourly Sessions: $50

3 Sessions + Personalized Meal Plan: $225


Physical training from a sports therapist

Practitioner: Zach W. - Doctorate in Physical Therapy; Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Zach is a physical therapy graduate with a passion for health and fitness. He strives to help you transform physically and get into the best shape of your life. Through continued education, research, and the utilization of other resources he has been able to find workout and meal plans which achieve the best results.

Hourly Sessions: $75


Anti-diet dietary planning

Practitioner: Haley S. - Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist

Haley is a registered dietitian who loves working with people who are tired of yo-yo dieting or "starting over" and are ready to start incorporating some sustainable lifestyle habits into their routines.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Nutrition for Ultimate Fitness and Athletic Performance

Practitioner: Lindsay A. - Certified Holistic Health Coach, MS in Human Nutrition

Lindsay is an Ironman triathlete who balances a career in the supplement industry, a full training schedule, and a nutrition coaching business, she knows the difficulties of prioritizing nutrition.

Hourly Sessions: $100