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Life and personal coach helping women advance their career

Practitioner: Nichole H. - Life and Personal Coach

Nichole H. is a Life and Personal Coach with a high success rate in helping women navigate their current work status and get advanced in their careers. Having worked in the tech world in Customer Success, she compliments her coaching practice with hands-on experience and insights.

Aspiring or Current Leader Packages: $65 to $80 per week

Chelsea Connors

Reduce stress, burnout, and improve your work performance

Practitioner: Chelsea C.- Certified Life Coach and Therapist

Chelsea C. has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and is also registered as a National Certified Counselor (NCC). She also completed a Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential through the Institute for Life Coach Training.

Hourly Session: $120 OR 3 Session Package: $360


Life and personal coach helping women overcome negativity

Practitioner: Melissa F. - Life and Personal Coach

Melissa F. is a Life and Personal Coach with a high success rate in helping women overcome shame, feelings of not good enough, failure, overwhelm and negative thought cycles that prevent them from living the life they desire. Through a collaborative process, Melissa helps women with their personal development, motivation, work-life balance, and performance improvement.

Intro session: $250


Life coaching for women in mid-life

Practitioner: Linda K. - Certified Life and Health Coach, MS in Experimental Psychology

As a life and health coach, Linda helps people see that they are exactly where their life has led them, but by challenging their beliefs and changing their patterns, they can get anywhere they want to go.

Hourly Sessions: $150


Embodied Life Coaching: reclaiming joy and the life you want

Practitioner: Rosemary O. - MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology

Rosemary is passionate about the healing and integrative capacity of the embodied coaching relationship provides. Her background includes over a decade of meditation and mindfulness-based practices including dance, movement and sound.

Hourly Sessions: $100


See yourself and your life as beautiful

Practitioner: Leslie S. - ICF Certified Transformational Leadership Coach, Master Health Science

Leslie is a Growing Diverse Leadership Coach, a Mediator, a Mentor, and an international facilitator of cross-cultural communications. She uses a relational approach in her personal and professional work to support a shared recognition of wants, needs and values.

Hourly Sessions: $100


Positive mindset coaching for women

Practitioner: Sarah H. - Certified Health & Wellness Coach, MA in Psychology, Master of Public Health

Sarah is a Certified Positive Mindset Coach who helps women to overcome issues with mood, depression/anxiety, and the negative cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we all find ourselves trapped in from time to time.

Hourly Sessions: $125

12 Week Package: $1,650