Support your teams with our group workshops

Journify’s workshops cover a wide range of topics across personal development and overall wellbeing, and are designed to be collaborative and results oriented. They’re great for helping your teams improve their soft-skills, mental resilience tools, and interpersonal skills. The workshops last maximum 2 hours to fit within everyone’s busy schedules.


Grow Your Resilience

Constant worry drains our energy and sabotages our well-being. Yet, few of us have been taught the mental resilience skills needed to handle worry when it arises. This upbeat, interactive seminar is designed to help you reclaim the time and energy that you spend on worry by activating your Inner Warrior. You will learn how to manage your worries so that you can be more successful in leading your team through times of stress and change.

a) Worry: What is it anyway?

b) Your brain: Why it worries

c) How worry affects your body

d) Learn to appreciate your inner warrior

e) Build your warrior mindset

f) Equip yourself with warrior training tools’

g) Develop a Leadership plan to lead your teams through worries

Workshop conducted by certified coach Danny G.


Maintain Motivation

What if you could eliminate more of what depletes your energy and add more of what generates your energy? What if you could keep your motivation levels high all day long? You can learn to do so! Through this interactive session you tune in and become aware of your energy patterns so that you can learn to keep your energy sustained throughout the day. By the end of the session you will have gained insights and created a personal plan to become a leader that is able to maintain higher levels of energy.

a) Become your own CEO

b) Energy and how it works

c) Increase your willpower muscles

d) Identify sources of depletion and repletion

e) Create more FLOW experiences in your day

f) Develop an Energy Plan for moving forward

Workshop conducted by certified coach Danny G.


Master Networking

You don’t even need to be an introvert to feel anxious at the thought of networking. Do you wish you felt more comfortable meeting new people, but feel like networking is too quick and shallow for you to do it right? Do you feel misunderstood, coming off as unfriendly without meaning to? You’ll leave this workshop not only having a game plan for your future networking experiences, but also feeling more confident in yourself and your ability to make meaningful connections.

a) Ease anxiety around networking

b) Initiate and carry on conversations

c) Establish rapport that is authentic to you

d) Present yourself in a warm and friendly way

d) Get the most out of networking events

Are you ready to kick off the year with a new superpower of connecting with people?

Workshop conducted by Stephanie T.