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A practical guide to detect early signs of burnout.

According to Gallup, 7 in 10 millennials suffer some level of burnout. Also, the annual cost in lost productivity from employees “checking out of their jobs” is estimated at $550B. You can become a burnout vigilante by detecting your early signs of burnout, or amongst your friends, family members, and employees.

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Kill the “urgh” office vibe and boost your employees’ productivity by 12 full days per year.

Over 40% of active workers report they suffer from stress and tiredness. This problem is even worse for fast-growing tech companies. A survey carried out by the app Blind to over 11K employees in the tech scene revealed that almost 60% are suffering from burn-out. The answer? Investments in effective wellness programs. You can start by sponsoring personal wellbeing sessions for your employees and achieve a 6X ROI.

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