The burnout prevention and wellbeing coaching platform.

We match you or your employees with their ideal wellbeing coach.


92% of users who have worked with a coach would do it again.

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Book any of our coaches worry-free.


All of our coaches are carefully selected and we promise a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our platform after your first session.


Support and track your wellness journey with our HIPAA- compliant platform.

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Stay in touch with your coach 24/7

• Video and screen-sharing

• 24/7 multi-media chat

• Document (file and video) uploading


Manage your calendar on the go

• Gmail and Outlook calendar sync

• Instant bookings

• Meeting reminders


Keep and share your wellness journal

• Workout entries

• Food descriptions

• Selfies and activities


Set goals and track your progress

• Goals and sub-goals tracking

• Intake forms and surveys

• Personal metrics (weight, body fat, etc)


Personal coaching is proven to be 3X more effective than any standardized program.

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I loved meeting with Financial Therapist, Jessica. It was incredibly helpful to have dedicated time to discuss my financial concerns with a professional. The things we talked about are always in the back of my mind anyways, so taking the time to discuss it helped ease those concerns for the rest of the day.
— Bridget O.
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Our approach to personal coaching sets you and your employees up for success.

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  1. Coach-Client Matching

    Use our data-driven recommendation tool or filter our coaches by personal goal. After reviewing coach profiles, the decision of who to work with is yours.

  2. Multi-Channel Support

    We understand your life is busy, so we give you the tools to chat and send files to your coach 24/7, and conduct your sessions online at the time that works for you.

  3. Progress Tracking

    It’s important that both you and your coach see your progress so you can iterate your goals and approach as you go through your wellness journey.

As a working mom of two, my life is crazy busy. Journify has been the perfect solution because it gives me real-time personalization!
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We love making friends.

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